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With 68 years of presence in the market, Mangini Group is an international industrial company which designs, produces and installs mobile partitions, modular prefabrication systems, high-tech accessories and installations with innovative technologies according to different areas of intervention. All Mangini Group products have seismic, fire, acoustic and environmental certification. Mangini Group operates in the pharmaceutical sector with Nicomac Cleanroom – OSD equipment, in the healthcare sector with Mangini Healthcare, in the tertiary sector with Mangini Workspace, in the sector of doors and locking technical systems with Technical Doors division, in the hospitality with Mangini Hospitality and, with Acotec division, offers turnkey solutions in all areas of intervention of Mangini Group. With the acquisition of Nicomac, Mangini Group has achieved the objective of creating new synergies and economies of scale and presents itself to the European and international market as one of the most important players in the market. Nicomac is a leader in the modular cleanroom systems in controlled contamination environments for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries, and it is the only company in the sector which designs and creates hi-tech installations for the coating and granulation process for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector. For the North American market all divisions of Mangini Group are represented by Nicos USA.